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1. Asian heart institute
The American College of Cardiology Foundation with the American Heart Association has conducted an appropriateness review of common clinical scenarios in which coronary revascularization is frequently considered. This document takes into consideration the benefits of revascularization and the risks because of its inappropriate use as it attempts to establish appropriateness criteria for therapeutic procedures.

2. B.M.Birla Heart Research Center
Cardiac Care

3. Bimal Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd
Dr. Bimal Hospital & Research Center, Sheikhpura, Raza Bazar, Patna-14 in pursuit of excellence, is committed to comply with applicable requirements for developing and providing world class health care at an affordable cost. Our aim is to foster an environment in which every person is motivated to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the management of various facets of health care services.All would agree that the existing health service facilities in Bihar are still insufficient to meet the growing need of reliable health care. Urgent need for establishment of well equipped and reliable health care centre of international standard has always been felt.

4. Calcutta Heart Research Centre
Quality medical diagnostic services. Team of top medical professionals accompanied with latest in medical technology to ensure accuracy in diagnosis.

5. Calcutta Medical Research Institute
Late B.M.Birla, the founder of The Calcutta Medical Research Institute was known as a Visionary, Philanthropist and Doyen of Indian Industry. The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) was set up in 1969. An ISO 9001:2008 certified institution, our Pathology lab is NABL(National Accreditation Board For Testing And Calibration Laboratories) and CAP (The College of American Pathologist) accredited. CMRI today is one of the most advanced multi-specialty and research centers in India.

6. Drishti Eye Care and Research Centre
Drishti Eye Care & Research Centre, Patna, in its pursuit to provide eye care services offering a wide spectrum of expertise and latest equipments enabling one to treat and manage a panorama of eye diseases involving both anterior and posterior segments of the eye. It has specialty in Cataract, Glaucoma, Vitreo-retina and Retinovascular, Squint, Orbital diseases and Oculoplasty, Cataract & Intra-ocular surgery. Drishti Eye Care & Research Centre, Patna is fully committed to research, diagnosis, and treatment of eye related diseases and take utmost clinical care of patients with tender care. Drishti Eye Care & Research Centre, a Centre Solely Devoted to “Total Eye Care” was established in 1989 by Dr. Ranjan Kumar Akhaury (M.S.). Is housed in a three storey building with total built-up area of 8000 Sqfts. Has an easy access from Railway Station and Airport as well as all the city locations. The Ground floor of the clinic has OPD Services. 1st Floor with the Operation Theatre Complex and 2nd & 3rd floor houses the ancillary Services & Staff Accommodation.

7. Get - Well Hospital and Research Centre
A hospital, which will make any corporate house proud, but without any corporate backing. A hospital created by a group of self made dedicated professionals, each of whom has established himself in Nagpur through sheer hardwork and sincerity. A Hospital which lacks in nothing, when it comes to giving the best healh care available in the country and a hospital which has the widest base of full time dedicated Super specialists who complement each other. A hospital which counts it\'s earnings, in smiles created rather than the profits earned

8. Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre
Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre is an institute with spiritual blessings of heavenly powers. Within a short time it has become the Centre of Healing for cancer patients and meets the requirements of economically weaker sectors of the society. The philosophy of MCSRC is to constantly strive towards excellence in Onco - care through combination of latest technology, competent personnel with human touch. High quality standards of treatment with complete patient’s satisfaction, improving cure rates and adding quality of life will always be our hallmark. We take pride in touching and enriching lives with love, compassion, a positive altitude and following ethical practices based on transparency and accountability.

9. Medical College, Kolkata
First Medical College in Asia

10. N.G. Medicare & Calcutta Hope Infertility Clinic
A multi Speciality Diagnostic & Day Care Centre

11. Peerless Hospital & B.K. RoyResearch Institute.
ISO 9001:2001

12. R.G Kar Medical College & Hospital
Government Hospital

13. Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences
Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS), setup in April 2000 is a Unit of Asia Heart Foundation

14. Sanjay Anand Charitable Foundation Hospital & Research Center

15. Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute
SGCC&RI (formerly known as Cancer Centre Welfare Home & Research Institute) is the only Indian Cancer Hospital to boast of a sprawling 16 acres of land with trees, gardens and water bodies that create an ambience of being cared for in the lap of nature. The basic philosophy of such extensive natural landscaping is to blend nature, art, and architecture, with modern machinery, extensive medical know-how and tender loving care to soothe the agony of the thousands of patients, who come to us every year for relief from a medical menace called Cancer.

16. Shivam Hospital & Research Institute Pvt Ltd
Srijan was established in 1999 as the first dedicated and comprehensive fertility services provided in Bihar. This was to give these facilities at affordable cost with world class quality. The centre is now amongst the busiest IVF clinic of India doing more than 500 IVF cycles and morethan 3000 IUI cycles every year. The clinic now boasts of six CO2 incubators, and one triple gas incubators, high end steeozoom microscope with digital recording and transmission and is now also equipped with embryoscope a time lapse picture system integrated with triple gas incubators. Srijan is the first IVF clinic in North, Central and Eastern India to have this instrument which has shown to improve the pregnancy rate by giving stable environment to embryos and opportunity for better embryo selection.

17. Sino Vedic Cancer Clinic
A hundred year ago, cancer was not so common but recently its incidence has been rising alarmingly, probably by our changing lifestyle and habits. The situation is so alarming that every fourth person is having a life time risk of cancer. We are constantly exposed to a variety of cancer causing agents, known as carcinogens, in the food, we eat; in the water, we drink and in the air, we breathe. Our single meal may contain a dozen of carcinogens in the form of residues of pesticides and insecticides. Electromagnetic Radiation emitted by man made technological devices like Cell Phones, Computers and other electrical appliances can cause cancer. Likewise there is a long list of chemical, physical, biological and geographical carcinogens. Moreover, the modern life has become fast and competitive, ‘cradle to grave’ leading to chronic stress that further enhances the risk of cancer by suppressing immune system of the body. The first and foremost step to fight cancer is its early detection. Sino Vedic Cancer Research Centre has designed this website with the aim to educate people at large about causes, prevention and early detection of cancer. This website further elaborates the role of Sino Vedic Herbal Formulations to Fight Cancer.

18. Surya Clinic
We are A not for profit organization providing family planning and comprehensive abortion care services. Janani is affiliated to DKT- International, a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. With 15 programs across 14 countries. DKT is one of the largestand most cost-efficient social marketing organizations in the world.Since 1989, DKT has been promoting family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing in the developing world. In 2008, they sold over half a billion condoms, almost 60 millioncycles of oral contraceptives, over 11 million three-month injectables and more than six million IUDs.

19. Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre
Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre is a partner of “Centre of Excellence in eye care”, a joint venture between Govt. of West Bengal